Starting Your Own Mindfulness Meditation Program
Relax your mind, increase awareness and optimize your life.

Hi my name is Malaysha Castillo, M.A. and I put together this program to help you out. 
I want to give everyone the chance to learn mindfulness and get expert feedback on their journey. I know that many people stop along the way and never get to experience the full benefits of mindfulness. I have put together a guide and opportunities for you to message me along the way when you get stuck. I'm here to make a commitment to you, that I will answer you and help you when you need it. All you have to do is sign up.
What's Included: This is a self paced guide with opportunities to get genuine feedback about your experience from a trained professional with over 6 years of experience helping people overcome common struggles.  

If you ever wanted to dive into a mindfulness program but were not sure how

It's free and you can get started today!

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