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She’s running out of time…can Gwen stop an ancient curse from destroying Camelot and New York City?

Gwen, killer NYC litigator, finds out she's the reincarnation of Queen Guinevere. To save New York, she must go back in time to fix the disaster she caused in Camelot.

Magical nonsense? Not when there’s an evil being lurking in her refrigerator, intent on capturing her. Not when Merlin, great mage of Camelot, pops up in the Big Apple on a motorcycle in search of her. And especially not when Gwen finds out that the sexy maniac holding a sword to her throat is Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot…and her husband.

Gwen is both the Queen and the curse. She’s Ms. Pendragon. And she’s the only one who can rescue the past…and the future.

A wicked and witty tale of love in Camelot.

"This is simply a fantastic read. Ms. Pendragon has the best Arthur and Guinevere I have seen in years of reading everything I can find about Camelot." --The Eternal Night Reviews
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