Yay! You want to be a pen&thimble email insider! 

Thanks! That means a lot because if you're anything like me, you are big into unsubscribing to email lists right now. I'm probably not supposed to say that here. Haha! But it's true!

I promise I will only pop into your inbox to announce the very rare sale (look out for that one around Earth Day) or the equally rare shop update. 

I've got a little gift heading your way (look for your Plastic-Free Produce Storage Cheat Sheet right after you subscribe), but after that you won't hear from me too much. I'm working on creating less email waste too. It's all connected.

Have a happy waste-reducing kind of day, friend! 

Gillian Freeman
owner/maker at pen&thimble
mom of two girls
excessive exclamation point user

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