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Thank you for agreeing to share your time and talents with Vote4Dru as a Volunteer. Any time and efforts you can share are greatly appreciated. Descriptions of available opportunities are listed below. Please make your selection at the bottom of the form. 

Available Opportunities:

Door to Door Canvassing - walking neighborhood “turfs” with voter lists to identify support for Dru and distribute campaign literature. New canvassers will be trained and accompanied by an experienced canvasser. A typical canvass is one to several hours, depending on your time, availability and interest. Canvassing is ongoing throughout the campaign and concentrated on the weekends.

Phone Canvassing - calling registered voters, mostly Democrats and Unaffiliated, following a script to identify support for Dru and engage with the voters. Phone canvassers will be trained and typically work with others in a “phone bank” operation. A typical canvass is conducted in the early evening, lasts 1 to 3 hours, and will mostly be conducted in the two months prior to the election. Calls can also be made from home.

Issues response (writers) - drafting and submitting letters to the editor to demonstrate support for Dru throughout the district. Letters can be drafted anytime / anywhere and will be needed the most in the several months prior to the election.

Content Writer - drafting content for campaign literature including position papers on important issues for the district and the state, press releases to the media, and other materials required by the campaign. Content can be drafted anytime / anywhere and will be needed throughout the campaign.

Data - data workers will use information obtained by the canvassers to create critical voter data spreadsheets and tables that will inform the campaign on how best to deploy its assets, including volunteers. The GOTV (“Get Out the Vote”) phase of the campaign, the final four days before election day, relies heavily on this data which can be inputted anytime / anywhere throughout the campaign.

Post Cards - willing to write out 50 postcards to friends and family in the 132nd district, asking them to support Dru. The campaign will mail the cards 3 weeks before election day, Tuesday November 8.

Social Media - willing to like and share social media posts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Thank you for joining DRU’s team! By working together, we will ensure that a strong and effective Democrat will proudly represent the interests of Fairfield’s 132nd District in Hartford!

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless!”

Paid for by Dru Georgiadis 2016. Eric Newman, Treasurer. Approved by Dru Georgiadis.

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