Welcome to Iron Mums at 40 Plus


Welcome to the Iron Mums at 40 + Community. We are a group of 40+ Mums who aspire to be something more than 'just a Mum' using fitness and health as our key motivators. There are loads of examples of Mums over 40 doing something really amazing such as their first triathlon, a marathon, hiking Killimanjaroo or the Coast Trek. Many also lose weight or overhaul their diets to eat healthily and feel energetic. So, whatever your passion, background or experience there will be something in our community to inspire you.

We need a little more information from you - please complete the form below.

You can tick either of the boxes labelled EBook - our Smoothie Ebook has winning recipes for healthy smoothies and the other is aimed at a beginner thinking about doing a triathlon. If you select one of these boxes (or both) the Ebook will be delivered direct to your mailbox.

Thanks for joining us - Liz 

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