FOR COACHES wanting to Facilitate The GAME PLAY LEARN Way


Let's face it - Coaching's Changed - and we need to change with it. We don't want coaching to become more about the coach than the players do we? it is, after all, their game.

The pressure on a Coach to teach, take control and set standards for their team doesn't need to be there. What if we could create an engaging, fun and dynamic environment that nurtures self-determination and the whole person's potential and well-being? And all through Designing, Observing and Supporting. 

The beauty of The GAME PLAY LEARN Approach is that it's less stress on us as Leaders and more affording for Learners in confidence, challenge and connection with their peers and their game.

By joining this group we'll update you with new resources and opportunities including:
  1. Access to a Facilitator's Framework - 10 Focus Areas in Developing Facilitators
  2. An exclusive Yearly Mentorship of Facilitating The GAME PLAY LEARN Way 
  3. Collaborating with a Facilitators Network from around the World.
  4. Keep up to date with evolving theory and practices from World Leaders in Skill Acquisition.
Enjoy the learning journey, see you down the rabbit hole lol  


Joey Peters,
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