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I send out various events, services offered, tips for personal development and life success, special discounts. This is infrequent at this point :-)

I ask for phone # for 2 reasons and this info is optional:
  1. I am planning to roll out a text program for brief inspirations and few notices.
  2. If you want to talk about a question or have interest in working with me locally, by phone or by Skype, this will help.
Every bit of info I receive from every person who signs up is for my use only. It will never be shared or sold to anyone.
Your Desired Life is available to you and just waiting for you to choose a better way.

Remember: You are designed to receive an intuitive idea
process it through all that you are and
output it into your life experiences.

   Lamar Irwin, RScP
   Life Empowerment Engineer & Catalyst for Growth
   Mind Technology

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